Minister of Labour Speech On the occasion of Career Expo 2013

I would like to welcome you all during the  distinguished annual "Career Expo and job Fair 2013" which proudly aims to advise and provide guidance to the  job seekers towards  the most valuable and available opportunities in  labour market, in addition, to advise those of general secondary students and the new comers to the job market to inter into  the new sectors and suitable professions, by which we can strongly participate in uplifting  the abilities and capabilities of the  national human resources.

As for ages and since the inception of the  “Career Expo”,  the Ministry of Labour  had been taking basic part and  effectively participating  in "Career Expo", that is because the Ministry is  a main player in the employment, training and vocational programs, and as well it shoulder responsibility in reducing un-employment within the Bahraini national workforce, with the aim of helping them to achieve progress and success in the productive and organized market.       

And  as it had become a very usual every year,  that the Ministry of Labour is participating by a special job fair wing, which is just exclusively for the job seekers, whereby a team of specialists from the Employment Section affiliated to the Ministry present  in the Job Fair Wing to provide guidance to the job seekers and towards the most available job opportunities that meet with their capabilities and qualifications. 

On this occasion, I would like to seize the opportunity to draw the attention of job seekers, students and their parents as well to take part during the event, asking and even discussing about available future careers, as they are the right investment of our kingdom.

In conclusion, it is my warm pleasure to thank the organizing committee,  all participants, establishments and companies  for their great work during the "Career Expo".

Jameel ben Mohamed Ali Humaidan

Minister of labour