Career Exhibition

NSSET organises an annual Career Expo event that brings together all the careers, academic and professional programs, and professions on the island. The exhibition, which is hosted by the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre, is a unique congregation of academics, businesses, industries as well as the public and private sectors.

Career Expo has been held with great success every year for the past fifteen years, thus it serves the national goals of manpower development and economic growth in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It aims to provide academic counselling and vocational guidance to students in secondary education, universities and vocational colleges and institutes, as well as to job seekers and highly skilled individuals who strive to realise their study or work-related ambitions. It also provides its visitors with numerous and varied opportunities to explore the jobs on offer by the different companies and establishments from all kinds of businesses and industries, and to present themselves as potential candidates.

For the past fifteen years, Career Expo has a sustained reputation of success for its innovative activities and the enthusiastic responses from its visitors. One of the exhibition’s sections is arranged as a lecture hall, where experts conduct lectures and do workshops on a variety of topics such as self-development, effective communication, leadership skills, time management, team work, writing curriculum vitae (CV), and all sorts of other job-related training. In another section, a psychometric lab is set up and visitors are encouraged to take part in a variety of psychometric tests such as mental abilities, IQ, mental agility and son on.

Career Expo provides all professional and vocational societies and institutions a valuable opportunity to promote their activities and services to the public in general and to students and graduates in particular. Parents and guardians also benefit from this opportunity to learn more about study options and career choices available which will help them better understand and support the choices made by their children. The end goal of NSSET is to promote education and vocational training by reaching out to those who have clear and strong ambitions for a better future but are lacking in means and financial resources.

Expo Goals
  • The main objective is to provide awareness related to skills of different career to students from school, universities, colleges, institutes, job seekers, parent and other community individuals.
  • Provide guidance to those who are looking for better opportunities.
  • Giving chance to employees to meet, attract and hunt talent and job seekers.

Targeted Visitors

The Expo which held in the 13th timeover three days is attracting over 25,000 visitors.  The three-day Expo targets Bahraini secondary and higher education students, vocational students, jobseekers, parents and the community at large, in an effort to enhance Bahraini students and jobseekers understanding of the professional world, and to guide them in choosing, or changing, their careers; thereby enriching job prospects and the quality of the Bahraini workforce.

Who Are The Exhibitors?

The Career is held at Bahrain Exhibition Center and equipped 240 stands. Career  Expo is attracting around 150 participations from around several organizations, including corporate companies, universities and colleges, and other educational institutions; representing a variety of sectors such as: Science and Engineering; Banking and Finance; Hotels and Hospitality; and Petroleum and Gas. Also, International Exhibitors from different parts of the world took part in the Career Expo.Career Expo will provide an unparalleled opportunity for employers and training providers to meet face to face with students, and those wishing to improve their employment situation through exhibition stalls.

Strategic Partners & Supporters

  • Ministry of Education is playing a focal point by arranging a program to transportaround 15,000 students during the 3 days of Career Expo. Also take care of managing the completion between students and between interested public visitors at evening time.
  • Ministry of Labour is playing a curtail role through supervising and managinga "job pavilion" through the participation of many companies and institutions working in various fields of economic, commercial, administrative, the ministry will be also allocating a number of employees to process and accept applications from companies and institutions.
  • The Labour Fund (TAMKEEN) as strategic partner is committed to subsidies 60 companies/establishments who would book space or booths through TAMKEEN’s TARWEEG program by 80% of the total cost of the booked space/ booths and this will be afford on the basis of first comes first served. The generated revenue will be directed to provide support to the students from needy families who are furthering their higher education and training in various professions at different universities, institutions and, as matter of fact more than 50students and trainees studying in and outside Bahrain have benefited from the revenue generated from Expo 2010.

Organizing Party

The Career Expo is jointly organized by the government, private sector and the National Society for the Support of Education & Training (NSSET).Career Expo committee is formulated to undertake the responsibility of supervising the planning, implementation, controlling and evaluation all activities and events of the Career Expo.  The committee is encompassing representatives from Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour. Bahrain Training Institute, NSSET and independent volunteer individual from some supporting and affiliation organization.

Career Expo

The Career Expo project is a non-profit, voluntary, community effort.

Ultimately, depends on the generous financial contributions and support from sponsors and exhibitors. Income is mostly directed to cover the cost and expenditures for exhibition hall booking.

Career Expo Financial Recourse Management

The Career Expo project is a non-profit, voluntary, community effort.

Ultimately, depends on the generous financial contributions and support from sponsors and exhibitors. Income is mostly directed to cover the cost and expenditures for exhibition hall booking. The surplus margin income is directed to support the university students from limited income family. In Career Expo 2010 around 50 students were benefited from such financial support.