Academic and Vocational Education Centre

NSSET has established a specialised and an integrated centre, which aims to provide information, counselling and guidance to students wishing to enrol in universities or vocational colleges. The Academic and Vocational Education Centre helps students and graduates explore available options that match their desired course of study/training. The centre also helps them better understand and manage the university enrolment procedures and admission requirements. Graduates are provided with information on the type and quality of jobs available in the market and are guided to make informed decisions on the jobs and the fields of their choices.

Our Vision

University and vocational education are accessible to all.

Our Mission

To provide students and graduates with counselling and guidance to helps them better understand their needs, explore their options and make informed decisions on a clear course of action.

Our Objectives
  • To help students discover their strengthsand better understand their aptitudes and orientations, and marry between them to make the best and most practical decisions with regard to their academic education or vocational training.
  • To raise students’ awareness of the academic, aptitude and ability requirements for each of the different university specialisations and/or job opportunities, and to inform them on work sites available to graduates of each field by organising workshops and holding lectures as a means of suchawareness raising.
  • To carry out research and studies that help identify the changing needs of the job market in relation to the different fields of specialisation.
  • To set up a bank of information on universities and colleges abroad, with details on offered programs, enrolment procedures, admission requirements, tuition fees, and cost of living in each country.
  • Learning Center

    We are working to provide financial support for students from low or limited income families.

  • To provide financial support to students from low or limited income families who have achieved an outstanding academic performance and aspire after higher education/vocational training.
  • To help students prepare for enrolment and acceptance at their desired universities and get through admission procedures.
  • To communicate with philanthropic individuals and institutions to secure scholarships and study grants for students.
  • To follow up on the academic and financial affairs of students sponsored by the AVEC.