Students Support Project

In this project NSSET acts as a link between bodies financing educational and training projects and students wishing to continue their education or professional development, whether in the Kingdom of Bahrain or abroad.

The Student Support Project was initiated in response to the needs of families of low or limited income, who aim for a more promising future for their children and seek financial support for their higher/tertiary education or training. NSSET communicates with philanthropists, educational and cultural institutions, businessmen, and other agencies to engage their support for the project by funding or by offering scholarships to the Bahraini candidates endorsed by NSSET.

The Student Support Project was the first of the many of NSSET projects, and the Society gives high importance to its continuity and success. Such a project is sustained and improved only by valued contributions and support from philanthropist institutions or individuals in the larger community. 

Our Vision
Higher/Tertiary education is accessible to all.
Our Mission
To provide counselling and educational guidance to students and graduates to help them explore their choices and available options to make the best decisions with regard to their further education and/or professional training.

Organization's Goals
  • To provide students and graduates with information on universities and vocational colleges.
  • To help students with procedures of enrolment and admission to universities and colleges.
  • To provide graduates with information and guidance on jobs available and the job market.
  • To financially support students of outstanding academic performance but with limited resources for further education/training.
  • To provide financial support to students of limited resources who achieve GPA’s that qualify them to join universities and colleges of higher education in the Kingdom of Bahrain or abroad.
  • To contribute towards the improvement of the socio-economic levels of low-income families by ensuring their children’s access to better education and training.
  • To broaden the base of legible candidates benefiting from enrolment and admission opportunities to universities and colleges.
  • To provide scholarships for specialisations needed by the job market.
  • To involve a wider sector of businesses and finances, and other philanthropic institutions to fund scholarships to universities and vocational colleges.
  • To raise the levels of culture and education in the community of Bahrain by increasing the number of Bahrainis with high qualifications and outstanding competencies.
  • To raise the level of education among the children of families of low/limited income.